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Regional Fire Authority Proposal

The City of Lynnwood and Snohomish County Fire District 1 have formed a committee to develop a Regional Fire Authority Plan (RFA) to take to voters in 2017. Public meetings to discuss and plan a possible merger are ongoing, as is a public information effort. See our Calendar for upcoming meetings.

Creating a Regional Fire Authority

State law provides the framework for cities, towns and fire districts to form a RFA as a way to gain efficiencies while retaining local control. The Lynnwood/Fire District 1 Regional Fire Authority Planning Committee consists of three elected officials from each jurisdiction. This committee is developing a plan to take to the voters to include proposed governance, financing, operations and service levels.

Current regional partnerships 

Many regional consolidation efforts have already taken place. In July 2016, Lynnwood and the fire district entered into a management agreement combining the administrative staff of the Lynnwood Fire Department and Fire District 1. Fire Chief Brad Reading leads both agencies.

Fire District 1 and Fire District 11 merged in 2000 to better serve unincorporated residents of south Snohmish County. Since then, Fire District 1 has added contracts to provide emergency services in the cities of Brier, Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace. These partner city contracts would transfer to a regional fire authority, if it was formed. The RFA plan will be written to allow any of these cities to join it directly at a later date if they choose to do so.


The Lynnwood/Fire District RFA Planning Committee website has more information including meeting information, frequently asked questions, project timeline and other documents. All RFA Planning Committee meetings are open to the public