Bike accidents are the second leading cause of serious injury in school-age children. But biking is fun and healthy. We want kids and families to ride their bikes as safely, and as often, as possible.

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Children's bicycle and multi-sport helmets are available for a small donation at all fire stations in the Fire District 1 service area. Multi-sport helmets and can be used for biking, skating, riding a scooter and skateboarding. 

Children must be accompanied by their parents to receive a helmet.

Suggested donation amounts are $7 for bike helmets and $10 for multi-sport helmets. Your donation covers the cost of the helmet.

A bike helmet should fit just above the eyes


Helmet fitting

To be protective, helmets must cover a child's forehead and fit snugly.


Firefighters will make sure the helmet fits correctly, whether you get it from us or bring in your own helmets. 

Helmets are available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., whenever firefighters are in the station. Firefighters may be unavailable if responding to emergency calls.

Ski helmets

Ski helmets will be available on a seasonal basis and only at Headquarters, 12425 Meridian Ave. S, Everett WA 98208. For more information on ski helmets, contact Shawneri Guzman at (425) 551-1254.