Important Updates:

Snohomish County Fire District 1 and the Lynnwood Fire Department consolidated on Oct. 1 to become South Snohomish County Fire & Rescue.

This website will be in transition during October to become the website for the new department. Pages should have full functionality during the transition, but some pages may still carry the Fire District 1 name until an update is complete.

If you have any issues with website use during the transition, please contact Leslie Hynes, 425-551-1243.

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You often have only a split second to choose whether to fight a small fire with an extinguisher or to exit the building or help get others out. Fire extinguishers should not be used to fight a fully-involved fire – they are only a stop-gap measure to keep a very small fire in check until the fire department arrives.

  • If you have a fire extinguisher, make sure that it is fully charged and ready to use. The arrow should be in the green as shown below:
  • firextinguisher
  •  A fire extinguisher should be used to fight only small fires, not large fires or fires that are spreading.
  •  First, call the fire department; then, if the fire is still small enough, use the extinguisher. That way, if the extinguisher isn't enough – help is on the way.
  •  Always keep your back to the exit while using an extinguisher, so you will have a way out once the extinguisher is empty.
  • Learn the PASS System for using a fire extinguisher - Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.


Fire District 1 periodically offers fire extinguisher trainings. If you are interested in attending a fire extinguisher training, or if your business is interested in training its staff, contact Fire & Life Safety Education Specialist Shawneri Guzman at (425) 551-1254.