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firefighter with kids

We welcome the opportunity to give fire station tours and visit classrooms to help you learn more about your fire department, how your firefighters serve your community and ways you can keep your family safe.

Station Tours and Classroom Visits are available by appointment. 

For tours of the fire station, visitors must be age 5 or older. For children under age 5, classroom visits are available.

Our Fire and Life Safety Educator will work with you to make your visit to fun and educational. Firefighters can focus on safety, prevention or another topic during the tour. Our goal is to provide meaningful, educational tours and information about safety and the role of firefighters in the community.

Request Guidelines:

  • Please submit your tour request 21 days in advance.
  • Station visitors must be age 5 or older; for children under age 5, classroom visits are available.
  • We recommend one adult chaperone for every five children.
  • While firefighters enjoy providing tours and classroom visits, our first priority is providing quality, timely and professional emergency services. Firefighters are in service during tours and classroom visits, and may be called away to respond to emergency calls. If this occurs, we will work with you to reschedule.
  • Firefighters work in an industrial environment. Birthday party groups may schedule tours, but not party festivities at the fire station. No cake and ice cream, please.

Please complete the appropriate form for your group:

Classroom Visit Request

Fire Station Tour Request

You can also contact Public Educator Shawneri Guzman, 425-551-1254